First steps

Day one of my new plastic free world and overall vibe is EXCITED. Shopping is no longer an everyday task it is a treasure hunt slash version of Where’s Wally. Goodbye boredom!

Some early successes and key discoveries have occurred, namely:

1. I can still eat sweets. Woo hoo!


2. I can still brush my teeth! It’s environmental, it’s a toothbrush, it’s…..


..The Environmental Toothbrush. Erm, award winning, avec panda thanks very much.

My main thoughts for today have been hygiene related and I found a really great article on with loads of up to date info on how to de-plastic your bathroom

So my next steps are:

  • Toothpaste – I’ve got some leads to follow up from the geniuses at Lips Choir (#foundmytribe) but tonight, as there was no award winning plastic-free toothpaste to go with my award winning toothbrush, I think I have to try cleaning my teeth with baking soda. WHAT. Disgusting.
  • Shampoo – get  Seanik shampoo bar from Lush, it sounds literally lush.
  • Soap – get some.

In other news I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to eat for breakfast as all the cereals have plastic inside them but I think I’m going to go retro and get milk delivery as I have found a place that does it in East London. Just like the olden days.

Caveat: I might just use toothpaste tonight. It’s my rules.







1 thought on “First steps

  1. I bet the baking powder was in a plastic pot anyway, so you might as well stick with actual toothpaste.


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